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Pricing Information 

There are currently 3 versions of SuperSpice :

1 Trial - Free

2 Professional Gold - 99

3 Student Gold - 19


There is only one actual program, all "versions" are implemented by permissions enabled by a separate password file. All software is downloaded from: 

Download SuperSpice

Trial/Demo Version - No Charge

The Initial Install/Trial/Demo version has a top level save limit of around 30 spice netlist lines, and around 20 components in the next depth of the schematic hierarchy, but has all features of all versions. The SuperSpiceInstall.exe may be freely distributed so long as it is distributed "as is" with no changes.

The trial version is not licensable for commercial use.

Professional Gold Version - 99.00 / $150.00USD

The professional gold is supplied with a master password file so that the user is not locked to the one computer. However, it does not allow or license any other user, other then the original licensee to use the software on those computers. 

Student Gold Version 19.00 / $29.00USD

There are no  inherent circuit size or component or net line limits in the student version. There is also no inherent limitations imposed by the Spice Simulation engine, but some GUI functions have been restricted. This version also includes the symbol editor.

Student Gold version limitations:

No nested subcircuit schematics allowed, i.e. A top level schematic can have a subcircuit block that can be descended into, but subcircuits blocks cannot contain other subcircuit blocks. The number of pages is restricted to 2.

No temperature sweep, but any temperature can be simulated.

No parameter sweep.

Non commercial use restriction

Individuals using the student versions may only use the program to make profit for themselves. They are prohibited from using the program for any employer or otherwise commercial purposes. 

Product Support and Updates:

Updates and general bug fixes, when and if issued, will be provided free of charge for life, or insolvency or otherwise cease of business by AnaSoft.. 

Always free major bug fixes

Major bug fixes, when available, that significantly impair system performance, when available, will always be provided free of charge. Other general support, issues specifically related to SuperSpice will also be provided free of charge  via email. To date, no customer has ever been charged for any updates or bug fixes.

Support is provide by individuals with extensive experience in both analog board level and I.C. design.

Every reasonable effort will be made to rectify bugs, omissions and other feature issues. However it should be appreciated that it might not be practical in applications as complex as SuperSpice to do so. In the majority of cases a reasonable workaround will be offered.

Free Symbols

If specific symbols are required, we will be happy to do so, providing that the numbers are within reason.

Password File

Some special versions require a password number from your computer.

Run the trial version an press the blue "P" button to obtain this number.

PayPal Payments via Credit Card

Payments can be made via PayPal. PayPal payments must be "sent" to 

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! http://www.paypal.com/  

Pay by PayPal via credit card by clicking on the PayPay "Buy Now" buttons below:

SuperSpice Pro Gold 99
SuperSpice Student Gold 19

This "sends" the payment to AnaSoft via the email address: 

It is suggested that you email sales directly after placing your order to ensure that we have prompt notification of your order. Notifications via the payment companies can be delayed.

If you have not received a password file within 24 hours,

directly, or phone AnaSoft: +44 07764 449471


The passwords are not web automated. It may take up to 24 hours to receive them. However, usually you should receive then from 30 minutes to 4 hours after submission. If you have not received your password files in a reasonable length of time, it may be that AnaSoft's  external ISP is offline causing undelivered emails. You may wish to telephone us to check.

For those not in the UK, please be aware that your unlikely to get a response at 2:00 AM in the morning, our time:-)

Contact AnaSoft Ltd.

Tel:    +44 07764 449471

Note: email address are subject to change to avoid Spam. Please check here for the current email addresses.

Note:  There is an aggressive Spam filter for all email messages. Any messages suspected of being Spam are automatically deleted unread. To ensure receipt of your information, please feel free to confirm by phone.

System Support.

Whilst every reasonable effort has been made to ensure SuperSpice is able to run on most versions of MS Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7, it is not possible to guarantee that SuperSpice will run on all software and hardware system configurations. Various incompatibilities are possible, e.g. video cards/drivers, printers/drivers, which might cause SuperSpice to run incorrectly or not at all. You are advised to ensure that SuperSpice will perform adequately on your particular system prior to making a purchase commitment.


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