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AnaSoft Licensing 


1 The Software is copyrighted, distributed, marketed and licensed to 3rd parties by AnaSoft Ltd or an authorized seller. "Software" means any and all components of the SuperSpice distribution, which includes, but is not limited to, the SuperSpice program, and all of its associated libraries and documentation that is not subject to existing copyrights by 3rd parties.

2 This document constitutes an agreement between AnaSoft Ltd or an authorized seller, and any user or licensee of this Software, and associated components. Licensee does not own a copy of the software. The Software is licensed not sold.

3 Licensee is not allowed to copy, rent, lease or sell the software, or the license, to any 3rd parties, or allow the use of to any 3rd parties, excepting that making backup copies is allowed, except as provided for in this clause. Any party that is an accomplice to the violation of this license and or of the Software copyright shall be separately and jointly liable for all legal damages allowed for by law. 

A SuperSpice license may be transferred to another licensee providing all SuperSpice programs and documentation is either transferred along with the transfer or destroyed, and the transferee agrees to all terms of this license. AnaSoft must be notified of this transfer.

4 If you do not agree to these conditions AnaSoft Ltd. or an authorised seller will not license this software or allow you to use  this software.

5 You agree, that prior to purchases of any software, you read and accept all limitations of the software, described in the windows help system of the NO COST demo/trial version and/or, described at the AnaSoft Web Site and/or, actually demonstrated/indicated in the NO COST demo/trial version.

6 No representation in any documentation, web site, and help files shall be taken to mean that this software is suitable for any particular purpose, or any purpose whatsoever. SuperSpice is a design and development aid. Its results should always be confirmed by other methods. Furthermore, it is agreed that the software is not perfect, that there may be various minor bugs, omissions and discrepancies from the software's actual functionality compared to that implied by its documentation that prevent the software from performing some particular tasks. The Licensee agrees to accept such discrepancies and limitations. 

7 Individuals using the student version may use the program to make profit only for themselves. They are prohibited from using the program for any employer use. 

8 Non paid for software may not be used in any effort to generate profit for any employer. Non paid for software may not be used for commercial purposes.

9 Any violation of this License by the licensee immediately terminates any rights that the licensee may have obtained from the license.

10 For business to business licenses, to the extent permitted by law, all liabilities associated with the use of this software are hereby disclaimed. For business to business licenses, the software is supplied, "AS IS", with  no claim for suitability for any particular purpose, and with all costs and risks accepted by the user, or that the software will function correctly with all circuit arrangements.

11 Nothing in this License agreement shall be construed to limit any statuary legal rights that specific jurisdictions may provide to consumers, so some of the above limitations may not apply to you. See below, for more information.


Copyright AnaSoft Ltd 1996 - 2019

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