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Analogue Simulation With Schematic Capture And Waveform Display 

for Windows XP - Vista-Windows 7/8/10/11


SuperSpice is FREEWARE

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SuperSpice is analogue design and simulation software that has been designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of analog design engineers for both integrated circuit and board level applications. 

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SuperSpice has been specifically designed for use as an analogue simulation tool by practicing analogue engineers, for analogue engineers. SuperSpice therefore avoids some of the compromises that often occur with schematic captures that are designed by software engineers. 

Professional Design

Many alternative systems to SuperSpice are targeted principally for education, and whilst SuperSpice can indeed be used in educational settings, it suffers none of the compromises that constrain such systems. Indeed, SuperSpice is designed for ease of use and functionality in real design and analysis situations, which mandate a more professional approach to the user interface and core simulation functions.

Some Cool Features

These are some "special" features in SuperSpice that are often missed in some of the alternative simulation tools. 

The easiest, user friendly, edit schematic -> simulate-> view waveforms cycle of any Spice simulator in all of the known universes. Its that simple.

X-Probing between schematic and graph. Alt-click on wire or pin to immediately display voltage or current waveforms. This includes deep nested hierarchical schematic devices and schematic pin currents. All of this without having to place voltmeter and ammeters on the schematic prior to simulation. Obtaining a readout of dc or transient average power is a snap with SuperSpice, simply a matter of moving the mouse over a component.

Device Designer allows for the direct design of component values based on the required operating voltages and currents. 

Dynamic test point dragging for waveform display.

Interactive Real-Time change of component values as the simulation progresses.

A truly fully integrated system. One button press to display the netlist and other files contained in the main window of the application. Alternative systems clutter up the desktop with numerous simultaneous applications. For example,  the output program, the input program, the program manager, the  middle program, the "hello world" intro program, the program manager, the program managers, managers program, the ....

Tool bar buttons for every key feature, with fully automatic save and restore of the complete current window and toolbar configuration. 

Docked Windows Explorer style file folder that allows immediate placing of symbols or even complete circuit sections on to the schematic by simple double-clicking, or dragging, on its name.

Graphical windows don't inhibit out the rest of the system. When the waveform windows are enabled, many alternative programs prevent you from otherwise editing and navigating around the schematic or system.

Drag standard Spice model and subcircuit files from the Windows Explorer to the SuperSpice main window to add them to the main libraries. There is no requirement for any propriety export/import formats to be understood. Symbols are automatically attached to standard spice devices.

Neat mouse "interactivity" feedback. Components, wires and labels are highlighted when the mouse are over them, with their net names, voltages and currents displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the main window.

Magic "q". Whilst the mouse is highlighting objects, pressing the keyboard "q" button will popup a tabbed dialog window that allows setting of key features such as labels, pin names and model data.

Ctrl key modifiers, are not used, except where necessary. Mouse over the component and pressing "r" actually rotates the components! Pressing "m" will vertically mirror and "f' will horizontally mirror.


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